Tempered Blue Steel Springs:

All of our instruments are equipped with precision ground tempered blue steel springs for increased resilience, flexibility, and durability.





Soldered Tone Holes:

We have combined our saxophone design with the soldered tone used in our flutes, similar to that of vintage saxophones. The result is an indisputably different sound compared to drawn tone holes. This process is used with the {802~803} Series creates a deeper and more centered tone.





Rib and Post:

Dedicated rib posts (one rib per post) enhance sonic purity and sound quality.





Point Arm Style Cups:

Our unique combination of vintage aesthetic and flute technology (ie. «Point arm style » cups) enhances sonic quality and creates an original and distinctive appearance.





Adjust Screw in Key Stand:

The adjusted screws in key stand with patented rubber ring can solve the displacement of general screws as time goes by, not only save maintenance time, but also increase the accuracy of each button linkage touch.









Rotary Drawn Tone Holes:

Compared with the traditional hydraulic drawn tone holes forming, rotary drawn tone holes can minimize the tolerance of tube wall thickness by the process, and it can enhance its tone and interval uniformity with considerable improvement.